Silk All Natural Revitalizing Mist, Scent: Soleil

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Product Overview

EspanaSILK Revitalizing Mist Collection offers 4 selections of hypoallergenic herbal body mists that are pet and people safe. Discover the calming aromatherapy of our botanical body mists to refresh, rejuvenate, rehydrate and revitalize all types of coats with any of our multi-faceted pet, hair and skin care hydrating products from shampoo to conditioners to our "NEW" EspanaSILK Revitalizing Mists leaving you wanting more and more and more.


Personalize your grooming experience with EspanaSILK Revitalizing Mists complete offering of spa-inspired essences.

Organic and plant based ingredients featuring our signature Cucumber Spa, our aromatic Lilly of the Valley, our 2 new romantic European splendours of Soliel "Sunshine" and Santal "Earth" inspired Mother Nature Mists completing our collections finest!




(No reviews yet) Write a Review