SILK All Natural Protein Detangler/Full Body Sheen/Protectant Spray with Sunscreen (Pets)

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$4.00 - $22.99

Product Overview

EspanaSILK Detangler/Full Body Sheen is a MUST for an added leave-in conditioner and works wonders as a natural volumizer. Evidence has proven that our animals NEED more hydration. Plus, it has the added benefit of sunscreen with UV protection as it seals and shines. Being non-slippery/non-sticky when applied makes braiding, dematting and brush-outs easy and long-lasting saving you lots of time. It also repels dirt/dust and reduces static/electricity and fly-away hair. This emollient spray is non-oily and alcohol-free so it will not dry out your pet's hair or dull its coat. 

Recommended as a final step after bathing and drying. Our spray is also great for daily brush-outs, coat maintenance between baths, and show prep. A favorite for every tack supply box. 


$1 of every pet product purchased will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review