SILK All Natural Protein Conditioner

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Product Overview

Silk emanates strength and beauty.This is what sets Espana apart from other products on the market. Our products have been specially formulated and created to hydrate and repair. Espana is intended to tackle the toughest grooming challenges and make a difference in your daily life.

EspanaSILK Natural Protein Conditioner provides conditioning where it's needed most. Properly ph balanced, our conditioner repairs damaged/dry skin and hair while providing enhanced texture, body and fantastic shine. It eliminates the toughest tangles, matting and static in hair. Our unique blend of botanicals and conditioners provides a natural soothing to the skin for incredible results and show-stopping appearance. Our Multi-purpose/Ready-to-use Conditioner is perfect for using as your face, hand, body & feet lotion, lip balm, fabric softener and eye makeup remover.  

Use as a CREAM RINSE: You may apply directly to rinsed hair or mix up to 5 parts water to 1 part conditioiner and apply with sponge or spritz on.

Use as a BODY LOTION: Apply directly to all areas for your desired needs as a gel, mousse, cream or salve. For optimal results appl daily or as needed is recommended.

Great for all ages. Environmentally friendly! (Ready-to-use or up to 5:1 dilution)


$1 of every human product purchased will be donated to Make a Wish Foundation.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review